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Angus Sausages

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Our Grass-fed Angus sausage contains 80% meat, 20% fat.

  • Coriander Sausage, perfectly spiced with added fresh Coriander, also known as Dhanya.
  • Barbeque sausage contains spicing and coriander. (Gluten Free)
  • Barbeque Chipolatas, ideal for kids and breakfast.
  • Chilli sausage has a serious kick. For the Chilli lovers.
  • Mild Spicy sausage is a favourite and contains spicing.
  • Mild Spicy Chipolatas are ideal for breakfast, with mild chilli spicing.
  • Boerewors follows the traditional South African Boerewors recipe.
Gross Mass Weight: 550g

The origins of Angus, or Aberdeen Angus, goes back to Scotland. We introduced Aberdeen Angus to our farm over 10 years ago and have grown a herd through our stud program. Aberdeen Angus is also known as a very good quality meat. Our marbling content is high for the breed due to our breeding policy. Our carcass grading is consistently an A to B with the result of high-quality steaks, mince, sausage and burger patties. Our marbling is consistent around 1.5 – 2 count out of 11.

 Keep refrigerated 0-5°C for up to 2 weeks if vacuum sealed or for 1 day if sealed with a normal perishable wrapping. Consume within the use by date. Once pack is opened use on the same day. Suitable for freezing on day of purchase if not vacuum sealed. Use within one month. Defrost fully before use. Do not re-freeze once defrosted. Please note, if the seal breaks, the product may become contaminated.

Our products are Gross Mass Weight. We endeavour to supply the unit weight as advertised, but that this is not always possible. Thus, there may be up to a 10% variance in the weight of the specific item purchased.