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Prego Relish

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This spectacularly bright sauce, is a blend of chilli relish with lots of garlic and a variety of vinegars (as all great Pregos should be) to bring on the tang (no added sugar or artificial preservatives).

Dictator Foods:

We believe in real food, made from fresh organic produce. All natural, NO Preservatives or colourants. Our chilli is organically grown and produced on a small farm in Tierfontein, following the 10 Fair Trade Principles. We are passionate about FOOD and sustainability. We strive to share the sensation locked up in our sauces with the world.

Product Benefits:

Chili’s are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, it also boosts immunity and the metabolism. Aids weight loss, fights inflammation, has cardiovascular benefits, and adds immense flavour.  Organic and ethically sourced. Vegan, No Preservatives, No Colorounts, No MSG, No Artificial anything .

Ingredients: Onion (40%), garlic (15%), grape juice, sunflower oil, fresh tomato, vinegar, chili, spices

Directions for Use:

Toss directly on seafood, marinate steaks/chicken or add to stir fries and pastas.