Grass-Fed Angus Beef Hotdog - Served on Saturdays only between 12 and 4pm (pick up only)

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Served on Saturdays only between 12 and 4pm.

Drive by and collect or have it delivered to you in the Southern Suburbs with your online basket purchase of over R500. Our burgers are made in our L.A. Farms Mobile Food Truck, outside our butchery by professional chefs. All ingredients are made on the day. Have a drive through experience by stopping next to our Food Truck door and we will hand you your order. No need to leave your vehicle. Safe and secure.

Grass-fed Angus Hotdog

Our Grass-fed Angus Vienna (no additives, and made from the pure meat and fat) served in a hotdog roll with caramelised white onion, organic tomato sauce and mustard. Served with Rustic Cut Chips as an extra.


The origins of Angus, or Aberdeen Angus, goes back to Scotland. We introduced Aberdeen Angus to our farm over 10 years ago and have grown a herd through our stud program. Aberdeen Angus is also known as a very good quality meat. Our marbling content is high for the breed due to our breeding policy. Our carcass grading is consistently an A to B with the result of high-quality steaks, mince, sausage and burger patties. Our marbling is consistent around 1.5 – 2 count out of 11.