L.A. FARMS Certified 100% Wagyu Beef Burger with Cheese

Burgers are the best to experiment with, you can always add or change toppings to make it unique. We have a delicious way that we serve our burgers from our Food Truck and Market Food Stall.

Our Wagyu Burger patties are made from 100% Wagyu Beef only, consisting of a combination of chuck, brisket and short rib.

We cook the patties on a Hibachi Grill to get a beautiful smokey taste.

The perfectly cooked patties are served on wild rocket with caramelised red onion, barbeque sauce, melted cheddar cheese, home made pickles, drizzled with an Aioli sauce, served on a toasted seeded bun.


L.A. FARMS Wagyu Burger Patties

Wild Rocket Leaves

Caramelised Red Onion

Barbeque Sause

Cheddar Cheese


Aioli sauce

Sesame Seed Bun