Select from the finest Wagyu, Angus and Lamb from L.A. Farms grass-fed and free-range farm situated between St Helena Bay and Veldriff on the West Coast of South Africa. Our online butchery service provides the best quality free-range meat, cut by our experienced Fleischmann in our butchery and delivered to your door.

We are accountable for our ethical treatment of our animals, which, we believe, is part of the halal nature of the end product.

We opened L.A. Farms Butchery, to supply from our farm to table, focusing on the finest quality of our Wagyu, Angus and lamb stock. Our aim is to provide the market premium meat with traceability.

Our butchery receives the entire carcass of the animal and we use only the meat and fat of our animals. All spicing is halal in our sausages and burger patties and no additives or unnatural colourants are used in any of our products. All our meat and meat products are halal, carrying ICSA certification. We focus on clean product. We use natural, halal casings in our sausage and other product where required as well as natural colourants extracted from organic beetroot in our viennas.

We also produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Stoneground Flour and Honey from our farm. Our Deli also sells locally produced products and a variety L.A. FARMS cured and dried meats.



  1. We raise the animals on our farm on the Cape West Coast
  2. We adhere to natural farming methods and the ethical treatment of our animals
  3. Our breeding stock is in the top 5% of breed and have superior genetics
  4. Our lambs are free-range and our Angus breed are grass-fed and Wagyu feeds off the farm land
  5. We do not use routine antibiotics or growth promoters
  6. We use the meat and fat of our animals, in our sausages and burger patties. There are no other additives in our meats
  7. We have halal certification (ICSA)
  8. We are a member of the Angus Society of South Africa and the Wagyu Society of South Africa
  9. From time to time we order carcasses from other farms with the same protocols as L.A. FARMS to meet demand.