From our coastal farm to your table

For over twenty years L.A. Farms has been developing the dream of living close to the land in a way that benefits the environment, the people and the animals who live on it.

Located on the West Coast between St.Helena Bay and Velddrif, our family-owned farm lies on the coast of nine bays with a very rich natural flora and fauna of fynbos and birdlife.

What started as a weekend escape from the city gradually developed through the introduction of livestock, an organic vegetable garden and an abundant fruit orchard. More and more our family found ourselves living from the land; eating meat from the cattle and sheep that grazed freely. We realized that by having access to fresh sea air and a unique diet of natural fynbos the meat from our animals was different.

Regenerative farming

Natural, good quality produce.

Sustainable farming practices have always made sense to us – we believe that by leaning into regenerative farming practices, we place substantially less pressure on the environment, raise less stress-free and better-quality livestock, and are able to create an ethical, truly circular farming ecosystem.

We take our custodianship of this unique piece of West Coast land seriously. With every season and every diverse crop that grows in the soil where our cattle graze, we know we are laying down deep roots for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Biodiverse Practices

We see our biodiverse practices, where entire eco-systems are considered and encouraged as essential to our farming practice. Cattle roam freely throughout the farm’s natural fynbos and along the un-spoilt beaches. They naturally fertilise the wheat fields, as fundamental in saturating ‘prana’ or life’s energy force into the land.

Our journey to our grass-fed and free-range lamb, Angus beef and Wagyu beef begins with the soil. Drenched in a salty mist and moisture from the Atlantic, our stretch of land has its own unique terroir. This distinctive character is a result of the special environment of our farm and the minerals found in the soil, which in turn gives our meats a delicious flavour profile.

We believe in a full ecosystem which includes an organic veg garden, a fruit orchard, chickens and ducks. Importantly, we encourage bees. As natural pollinators bees are key to maintaining and developing our biodiverse practices. They thrive on the farm’s natural and diverse fynbos, enabling us to harvest delicious honey that we sell alongside our meat ranges.

Our animals are naturally integrated into our crop rotation practices –tilling the soil, enriching it as they go and leaving no artificial waste behind. They are ethically treated; all our calves and lambs are kept with their mothers and naturally reared, until maturity. Antibiotic-free, in the dry months, our beef and lambs feed on our own-grown, non-GMO sileage.


These practices amplify our deep belief that it is possible to farm on a small scale without compromising integrity, it is possible to leave the land in a better place than when we found it and it is definitely possible to farm quality food that has a very clear provenance.

Provenance and traceability are key when making food choices. We believe that the best meals are usually made at home and shared with family and friends. The love and care in making one’s own food, and enjoying healthy, wholesome food, is one of life’s joys.

This is easily possible through our range of products that hinge off premium grade beef and lamb, which are offered in traditional cuts, plus stewing meat, ground meat, patties, sausages, biltong and droёwors. Our sausages and patties are naturally 100% pure beef, with no additional additives or colouring.
We are a member of the Angus Society of South Africa and the Wagyu Society of South Africa, and also produce, and offer, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Stoneground Flour and Honey from our farm.

Zero Waste

We believe in carrying the principles of an holistic, wholesome approach to life throughout our offering. Regenerative practice extends beyond our farming methods; we have a zero waste mandate that is implemented across the butchery, our products and our packaging.

We use most of the carcass in order to utilize the bone and fat of the animal to make tallow, bone broth, and stock.

All our paper packaging trays are biodegradable and compostable in order to minimize the use of plastic and polystyrene. We prefer glass over plastic for honey and bone broth. While our packaged meat is currently in vacuum-packed plastic (as there are no other alternatives) we have made it a priority to research alternatives and better options.


All our facilities and products are Halaal, carrying ICSA certification. We focus on clean product.

We use natural, Halaal casings in our sausage and other product where required as well as natural colourants extracted from organic beetroot in our viennas. Additionally all spicing is Halaal in our sausages and burger patties.

Wholesome, natural farming does not stop with the soil and our animals – it is part of our family and our farm’s DNA. Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown and reared matters and filters through to exceptional quality. There’s never been a more important time to champion regenerative farming and the benefits for us, our planet and future generations.