In the late 1990’s,our founder AK Peer acquired a piece of farmland on the Cape West Coast between St.Helena Bay and Veldriff. This beautiful piece of land lies on the coast of nine bays with a very rich natural flora and fauna of fynbos and birdlife.

It started as an escape from the city for a weekend away and gradually the farm grew into a working farm, as a few animals were kept and an organic vegetable garden and fruit orchard were laid out. When it was time for a family meal, we started eating our own lamb and beef and sharing it with family and friends. Our simple philosophy was farming in the most natural, sustainable way without chemicals and antibiotics and with the knowing of traceability and the ethical treatment of our animals.

Over the years if there was a wedding the phone would ring, and suddenly we were supplying 25 legs of lamb until very soon we became the go-to for free-range, halaal meat. We often heard how flavourful and tender our meat was, which we feel has something to do with the sea air, a diet of grass and fynbos.

We also started making our own sausages and biltong, that was 100% meat and free from additives, and again we were just enjoying good, quality food that we could trust. We also started to question what really went into the sausages and patties that we ate from the local butcher and supermarket, and eventually caved in to a growing need from family and friends, who urged us to open a butchery. It has been very eye-opening to know what really goes into meat production and into processed meats and we understand why so many people are turning to plant-based diets. For this reason, we feel a responsibility to provide the extended community with high-quality meat that is direct from farm to table.

So over the past thirty years, the hobby of keeping animals has grown into a sizeable herd and our passion for sustainable farming and ethical practices has further developed. We became members of the Angus Society of South Africa and then the Wagyu Society of South Africa, and slowly started to improve on our breeding.



Our Breeding policy
We have a strict breeding policy and maintain stud animals that we breed with. We invest in the top 5% of breed, meaning that the progeny of our Wagyu, Aberdeen Angus and Lamb are of superior genetics. This in itself keeps the standard and quality of our meat high and consistent. We are a member of the Angus Society of South Africa and the Wagyu Society of South Africa.

All our calves and lambs are kept with their mothers and naturally reared, until maturity.

Farming for the future:
Through sustainable farming methods, we have a long-term commitment to the land and environment and strive to ensure that our efforts will be enjoyed for future generations.