Our rearing philosophy

We breed our Wagyu on our farm on the west coast, using 100% Full Blood Wagyu bulls with top genetics. As with our Angus and Lamb, our philosophy is for the calves to be reared with their mothers. This allows the animals to be relaxed and stress free. Our farm has wide expanses, where our Wagyu roam freely, often along our Grass-Fed Angus and Free-Range Lamb. We even allow them to venture into the ocean at our farm. The bays are shallow, allowing our cattle to cool down and enjoy the sea breeze.

We herd our Wagyu on horseback. This allows for a more relaxed environment for our animals, free of noise pollution. We herd our Wagyu back to camp daily to protect them from the elements as well as from predators.

We condition our Wagyu in large camps where they have access to flora as well as feed that is produced off our lands. All feed originates from non-GMO products. Our Wagyu and animals are free of routine anti-biotics and growth hormones.



Independent certification

We are audited by the Wagyu Society of South Africa (WSSA) as well as Samic and our protocols are registered with these independent bodies. We also have certification in place from these independent bodies.


Our Marbling tends to be finer, which adds to the quality of the marbling score. This is due to our careful selection of genetics within our breeding bulls and dames. Although the herd exhibits the same trends, each Wagyu is different to the next in size, fat and marbling. We thus receive different marbling quality carcasses, ranging from 3 to 12. Our herd marbling is steadily increasing and, on average, we achieve a marbling score of 6 – 8. These scores are independently verified and overseen by WSSA. Our focus is also on the meat quality. This means that a low marbled carcass, can still give a good eating experience.


Marbling scores (MS):

 To simplify a complex process, and with transparency in mind, we introduced a tiering system with MS bands and their relevant pricing categories. 




 Interesting facts

Due to the genetics and build of Wagyu cattle, resulting from centuries of ploughing through water lands in Japan, Wa’Gyu (meaning Japanese Cow) has more pronounced marbling in its forequarter, making the traditional sub primal/tougher meat cuts (Denver Steaks, Flat Iron, Short Rib Steaks and Skirt Steaks) very tender and desirable.

Marbling is high in Omega 3’s and 6’s. As in life, everything should be done in moderation, and eating Wagyu in the right quantities is beneficial to your health, due to these monounsaturated (healthy) fats. A balanced intake of Omega 3 and 6 reduces the risk of Depression, Alzheimer’s and early onset of dementia.

Wagyu is arguably the healthiest beef meat in the world and, when taken in the right quantities, can help stabilise and reduce unhealthy cholesterol, help prevent and fight cancers and reduce the risk of Diabetes, including type 2 Diabetes due to its marbling. Other benefits include: Potent anti-carcinogenic properties, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, helps reduce body fat gain and increases immune response.

Even the saturated fat of Wagyu is healthier, with 40% of this fat being stearic acid, which has a minimal impact in raising cholesterol levels.

Wagyu is thus considered a healthier meat than any other beef in the world


 The taste of Wagyu is that of an almost caramelised, nutty flavour and the texture is very soft. This gives the feeling of the meat literally melting in your mouth. This sensation derives from the marbling that breaks down and disseminates into the meat. This is also why fine marbling is so sought after, as the flavour from the marbling is more evenly released in the meat when cooked.

 Wagyu is actually quite easy to prepare as the meat actually cooks inside out as the marbling breaks down within the meat.

 You do not need to use oil or butter when cooking, braaing, searing or grilling Wagyu as the marbling fat creates a natural oil that allows for the meat not to stick to the surface. On this note, Wagyu Tallow (reduced Wagyu fat, similar in texture to Gee) is a great cooking agent for Wagyu as well as other meats and is also used in the brazing of vegetables. A very healthy product.