The L.A. Farms Wagyu Prego

This traditional Portuguese steak sandwich is made with a difference: Medium seared L.A. Farms Wagyu Skirt Steak, placed on a toasted Portuguese roll, served with a Prego Relish, made from West Coast regionally sourced organic veg with no preservatives. Giving warmth to this winter.


L.A. Farms Wagyu Skirt Steak

Portuguese Rolls

Prego Relish


Season the Wagyu Skirt Steak in your desired spices. Cook steak in either a a hot griddle pan or on a hot fire. Cook steak on each side for 3 minutes and then leave to rest for 5 min. While your steak is resting, wipe your pan out or clean your grill and toast your Portugese roll.

Slather the Prego sauce over your steak and serve on the roll.