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Cold Meats Lunch Box

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L.A. FARMS Snack Lunch Box, a gourmet experience featuring Grass-Fed Angus Salted Beef, Biltong, Droewors, Certified Wagyu Meatloaf, and Free-Range Lamb Viennas.

This premium selection offers a symphony of flavours, from savory to bold, providing a nutritional and satisfying lunch option. Packed with high-quality, protein-rich meats, it's perfect for those seeking a delicious and wholesome midday meal. Elevate your lunchtime with L.A. FARMS – where taste meets nutrition in every bite.

This box includes:

Lamb Viennas - 260g
Angus Salty Beef (Cooked) - 200g
Wagyu Meatloaf - 100g
Angus Biltong - 100g
Angus Droëwors - 150g

Gross Mass Weight: 810g