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Premium Picnic Box

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This generous picnic box is designed for a group of 4-6 people, offering a variety of delightful and healthy options. From savory salami to creamy brie cheese, and a refreshing mix of fruits, nuts, and refreshing beverages, this picnic box has something for everyone. Please note that specific items may vary seasonally and based on availability to ensure the freshest and most enjoyable picnic experience.

Here is an illustrative sample of what your Premium Picnic Box may include. Please keep in mind that the specific contents of your pack can vary with the season and product availability. As such, there may be occasional substitutions in the items included in your pack.

Pack of Salted Beef
Tub of Paramount (Hummus or Similar Dip)
Dalewood Brie Cheese
2-Pack of Avocado
Kuhestan Jam
2 x By Nature Nuts or Dried Fruit
200g Angus Biltong
El Burro Tortilla Chips
Blueberries (Seasonal)
2 x Panini's
750ml Sparkling or Still Water

500ml Good Gut Drink (Premium Box 1)


Melozhori Sparkling Juice (Premium Box 2)