L.A. Wagyu Macon Cheese Burger


Our L.A. Wagyu Macon Cheese burger is accompanied by our Grass-Fed Angus burger patty, organic prego sauce, pickles, onion relish, aioli sauce and cheese.

The Wagyu Macon gives a crunchy texture and enhanced flavour profile to your eating experience, accompanied with the warmth of the prego sauce and hints of the pickled acidity, balancing the flavour profile.


L.A. Farms Angus Patties

L.A. Farms Wagyu Macon

Organic Prego Relish





Seeded Bun


Grill the Angus patties on a fire or in a pan. Caramalise onions in a pan for the relish. Add the Wagyu Macon to a pan and grill until the fat has renderd. Toast the bun.

Now that everything is cooked, assemlbe your burger and enjoy!